phelps grove

I was in my apartment. I wasn’t doing anything. No one was calling me. No one had emailed me. I thought about calling someone. Whoever it was wouldn’t answer. I didn’t feel like leaving a message. I didn’t call anyone.

I ate an orange instead. I wanted to drink coffee while I ate the orange. I turned on the TV. I went to the kitchen. I made a pot of coffee. I could hear the TV. I thought, “I need to turn down the TV. I need to shut off the TV.” I drank some of the coffee. I wasn’t hungry. I felt like eating something else. I ate a pear. The pear was a little hard. The pear was crunchy. I put the middle of the pear into the trash on top of the orange peel. I thought, “Compost. I need to compost.” I watched the TV. I thought, “This show is stupid. This show isn’t even trying. This show is using clichés.” I kept watching. I laughed. I laughed again at a part that was funny. Someone knocked on a door to a different apartment in the house. The house had maybe five apartments. I wasn’t sure. The house was in Phelps Grove. My apartment was two rooms without a door in between them. I shared a bathroom with someone in another apartment. I heard the person knocking again. I put the TV on mute. I heard the person knock again and then walk down the stairs and out of the house. I had to resist the urge to try to see the person. I didn’t care who the person was.

I watched another show. I was on a futon. There was a bed next to the futon. I had my shoes on. I didn’t know why I had my shoes on. I had a hooded sweater on. I felt cold. I put the hood over my head. I put a blanket on my legs. I thought, “Space heater. I need to ask someone to give me a space heater. Someone has a space heater they don’t want.”

I wanted more coffee. I didn’t move. I muted the TV. I listened to people talking outside. I didn’t know if they were on the stairs or outside. I looked out the window. I didn’t see anyone. I needed to take a shower. I took off my shoes. I didn’t feel like taking a shower. I poured coffee into a mug. I took the mug into the bedroom. I sat on the bed. I put my legs under the covers. I drank some of the coffee. I read a book.