i ate an orange it's okay

he looks at the computer. he emails grace. on the floor it is a little easier to feel awkward.

he feels calm. he knows if he sits in a chair any longer he will feel the need to eat something.

he has a stack of books near the wall that he doesn't want to read or think about, but looking at them has a calming effect.

a concert where he sees mates of state and headlights doesn't have air conditioning or beer he feels like buying.

he wants to know who has kept the sidedoor closed so no air comes into the building but instead he just stands outside deleting numbers from his phonebook he doesn't remember having added.

he goes home and sees an email from grace. it says not to worry.

it feels sarcastic.

he doesn't know what she means.

kids outside his apartment are sitting on grass with their shoulders close together.