serious literature is not asking anything of you okay

free online literature is very easy.

you click on it, you look at it. you have a thought or something.

you don't have to think hard. you don't have to make money.

you need the internet, find the internet.

you need to pay attention, find things by paying attention.

you need to be conscious of what you like, find things you like.

if you don't like something stop looking at it, try harder. "do better," it is easy.

free online literature is "significant" in "literary history."

free online literature is easy. people want it, "demand."

free online literature is DIY. it's okay, "no worries," "self-correcting," "automatic."

people are "working hard" at free online literature all of the time.

people go to sleep and have "internet" dreams because of free online literature.

you don't have to do anything. if you don't like free online literature, it's okay.

stop complaining.

everyone is working hard. no one is getting any money. some people are getting money.

it is "bonus" money, they are not "professional online writers."

shit-talkers are working hard at promoting online writers.

you don't have to like it. it's okay. do a better job at finding things you like.

first you have to "know about what you like."

first you have to "think about what you like and pay attention."

i don't know what else.