we can go to sweden okay i think it will feel calm like being under water or something

i don't know how late it is.

i could go to bed, i could fall asleep, it would not make you awake and us awake together.

there is something wrong with this.

going to bed should mean you waking up and us somehow sleeping awake together, okay.

don't think about.

you are asleep, you are going to wake up, you will be awake and i will be asleep.

and even if you do everything correctly i will still be sleeping.

somehow drinking coffee or feeding the cat or getting dressed should make you asleep with me, okay.

i will get out of bed, i will drink coffee, i will look at the computer.

it will not make us on the couch together.

you will come home, you will take a shower, you will feel happy but tired.

it will be a little exciting, nothing will happen, we will look at the cat.

it will not make us asleep together.

but it will make us two people living in the same apartment, in love, okay.