every time a police officer gets shot zachary german throws a party

Zachary German's blog makes me feel terrible. If I didn't look at Zachary German's blog I would feel at least one half of one percent better, I think. I like Zachary German's persona but his persona also sometimes makes me feel terrible. This is a success, I think, on Zachary German's part. His blog has a lot of photos and videos that show Zachary German looking like he feels terrible. His blog also has some stories of things that he did and sometimes these make me feel a little terrible but I like the stories a lot.

Zachary German feels like an 'influential' writer. He is an 'influential writer' in 'some sense' 'somehow' at least. This is a fact maybe, I'm not sure. Zachary German's blog does not feel as 'influential' as Zachary German. His blog does not feel as 'powerful' as his published writing. I think Zachary German's published writing could defeat a lot of other people's published writing, but his blog would probably not defeat a lot of other people's blogs.

'It would not matter at all if Zachary German's blog were defeated.' I mean, Zachary German would probably just change the title of his blog to 'suck a dick' and nothing would be any different. His blog would still make me feel a little terrible. If Zachary German deleted his blog I would probably start 'subconsciously' seeking out something else that would make me feel terrible.

When I read the title of his blog I feel the same as I do when I think about Tao Lin shoplifting. 'What does it matter.' I think this is what Zachary German is trying to do with the title of his blog and with other things like the comments he sometimes makes on other people's blogs. I don't know if it is 'effective' but I feel like I 'understand' and this part of Zachary German's blogger existence 'makes me feel okay' I guess.

ZACHARY GERMAN'S BLOG: zacharygerman.com