i will unfold you with my hairy hands

shane jones has put together something that is really interesting and nice to read with his chapbook i will unfold you with my hairy hands. there are a lot of pages in the chapbook where you can just turn to the page and start reading a line and it will feel interesting and calm. you can turn to one page and read: "I dig a new hole. A deeper hole that has a cool floor where nothing can grow." and it just feels really nice and okay to read that, i think.

shane does really interesting things with sentences. he just puts sentences on a page after a number and the numbers are in order. i would read a novel that was just sentences after numbers, i think. sometimes the sentences are really beautiful. this is really beautiful and nice i think: "Tied around the doorknob is pastel colored strings. The strings pour down the door and stretch across the floor and to the bed where they are spider webbed around the white pillow."

the whole book is sad and funny, and the sad things are sad in the same way that the funny things are funny. this is an accurate description of what i think about shane's book, i think. and i think the book feels very serious and mature because of how the funny parts and sad parts are the same.

shane, your book is just like the lines by cate marvin that you like:

I am like a table
that eats its own legs off
because it's fallen
in love with the floor.

good job.

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