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In Chris Killen's chapbook Paul Simon the main character is Paul Simon. Paul Simon sometimes acts like a child. He sometimes acts like an adult suffering from despair. Sometimes he acts like he might be a character in a cartoon. There could easily be a cartoon television series, a feature-length animated film, and a long-running comic strip all based on Chris Killen's Paul Simon, I think. This is something I really like, and it makes me happy thinking about it.

I think that Chris Killen's blog has the same personality as his Paul Simon character. This makes sense, I think. I don't know Chris Killen personally but it seems like he might be a mostly 'stable, well-adjusted' sort of person. I feel like he is projecting a certain kind of 'aesthetic personality' that he does not really have himself onto some of the things he does, so that it makes sense to say that his blog and his Paul Simon character have the same personality.

Chris Killen's blog feels quietly excited, a little wild, and a little suicidal. So does Paul Simon. It seems extremely likely that if Paul Simon had had a blog in Paul Simon he would have one day impulsively turned his blog into wikipedia. Yes, I think this could have been a 'very good' section of the chapbook.

Chris Killen's blog is 'themed.' This is an accurate description, I think. I might be wrong in terms of the history of his blog, but it doesn't feel entirely wrong to say that at some point or other, Chris Killen's blog's theme was 'moustaches,' at some point or other 'swans,' at some point or other 'cats,' and presently 'wikipedia.' I’m sure that a lot more could be said about Chris Killen's blog themes. Anyone who has anything to add about this please comment.

Chris Killen has a book coming out in January from Canongate, which gives him a certain amount of 'power' as a blogger. He doesn't seem to assert 'power or influence' on his blog. He doesn't write posts that assume people care about him or his writing or what he has to say. 'Humble' I think is right and accurate. Chris Killen does really nice things with his blog, like ask people with moustaches to email him, organize a reading night, and post people's wikipedia entries.

Other than his book I think his chapbooks, one mentioned here and one with Shane Jones, have helped make him seem like an important writer who should be paid attention to. 'Chris Killen should be paid attention to.'

Chris Killen's blog that could be written by the Paul Simon character is not a 'venture in power.' He will not try to convince you of something or rant about something. It is also not really about self-marketing, I don't think—though he of course does promote his writing. Chris Killen's blog is a little flower made of fabric that you could blow apart if you wanted. I look at his blog and feel like it is fragile and might just fall apart or stop existing. Chris Killen's blog could not defeat other blogs, I don't think. But Chris Killen's blog would be a better character in a story than any other blog. This is 'accurate' and 'not a joke' I think. Shane Jones, can you write this story please?

CHRIS KILLEN'S BLOG: dayofmoustaches.blogspot.com