great magazine

i remember thinking that the best part about chelsea martin and brandon gorrell's last magazine THIS IS STUPID I LOVE YOU was maybe the editor's notes. their notes were very enjoyable and honest and i think it was nice to think about them making the magazine and it being sort of uneventful and uninteresting but maybe they just kept going because it was boring not to or maybe for some other reason. i felt like the magazine would have been 'substantially inferior' if they had not included the note, and i think that maybe i've never thought that before about somebody's comment about the thing they made.

i feel all these same things about the editor's notes in GREAT, the new magazine by chelsea and brandon. the notes are 'substantially important' to the magazine, and i sort of had the feeling that maybe they could just publish all of their correspondence and various writing surrounding the making of a magazine and that that would be as nice or nicer than the magazine. maybe they could just write a nonfiction novel about them making a magazine together. i would be genuinely interested in that. it would be a very good novel i think.

i like the work in GREAT also. i like the things by chris killen and jillian clark and krammar abrahams and i really like the poetry excerpt from daniel spinks' the nature of love.

good job to everyone involved and thank you to brandon gorrell and chelsea martin. order GREAT.