i feel good about poetry

i feel very good about the poetry e-books at bearcreekfeed. they are by two poets who i like a lot. they have poetry that i feel very good about. i am glad they are e-books and that they are at bearcreekfeed.

matthew savoca's I AM BEING HONEST [video excerpt]

daniel bailey's EAST CENTRAL INDIANA [video excerpt]

sam pink on EAST CENTRAL INDIANA: "it is the best book of poems i have ever read. nobody does anything like daniel bailey."

blake butler on EAST CENTRAL INDIANA: "Daniel does a certain mode of poetry I think more innovatively and with a stranger cull of images and lines than others that could be associated. This is a great read, and BEAR CREEK FEED is a great new source of ebooks."

kendra malone on I AM BEING HONEST: "i am being honest has this tender sensibility about domestic life, but it’s still very dour and a little sad. It reminded me of small pale humans by daniel spinks. They both have this way of displaying the repetitive quality of relationships that is comforting but ultimately depressing as hell."

the newest e-book in the poetry series will be prathna lor's SAFE TOILET SYNDROME. i think some people read an early draft of this book and liked it. i read it and liked it a lot. SAFE TOILET SYNDROME will be available soon as a part of bearcreekfeed's poetry series.