i went to chicago for awp and it was very nice. i liked seeing everybody and meeting people.

i met bearcreekfeed authors kim chinquee and jac jemc. they both read at the quickies reading thursday night and i said hi to them briefly.

i also met bearcreekfeed poetry series superstar daniel bailey. daniel, hi. it was very nice hanging out with you. you are a nice person, i like you.

i also got to meet and hang out with shane jones and kathryn regina who are both very nice and sweet and lovely people. hi shane and kathryn, it was very cool meeting you, you are both great i think.

i also met mike young and adam robinson. they organized the eLit train/book cellar reading friday night. it was a nice reading, it was nice having lots of people on the train for the same reason and because they liked the same things. adam was very nice and bought people drinks and mike young is kind of amazing, i fell in love with him a little i think. hi, mike young, you are a great person.

i also met blake butler, ryan call, mary miller, gena mohwish, matt bell, jason jordan, justin taylor, peter cavanaugh, and molly gaudry. i saw/was around some other people who i accidentally didn't really meet like sam pink and gene morgan and some others. it was nice seeing them anyway and also meeting/seeing some people i didn't really know like john wang, aaron burch, sean lovelace, holly wilson, and deb unferth, who were all at panels and readings and doing important things.

i didn't take any pictures but kathryn posted some from the train reading. it is blake and shane, then me, and then mike and daniel on the right.