american short fiction

I have been reading the current issue of American Short Fiction. I had always seen this magazine on the shelf in bookstores but never "considered" it. When I saw that Kim Chinquee and Rachel Glaser were in the new issue I thought "Oh that is that magazine, I have seen it a bunch but never thought about it." I bought it and I think I like the journal. I like how it is designed. It has a nice shape, sort of tall and thin so it's not book-style like some journals but also not magazine-shaped. I like the title pages for each story a lot; they are simple but nice looking.

Kim's story is good; I liked reading it. I also liked reading the excerpts from Amelia Gray's AM/PM. I don't know if I will buy that book or not (I feel confused about how you are supposed to buy it; the new featherproof book selling "method" is mysterious, I don't know what to do), but I liked these sections. Rachel Glaser's essay-story had a nice calming effect. It is a lot of information (some real and some made up I think) about art and history and music. I really liked reading it. There is also a story by Joe Wenderoth but I have not read it.

I feel like American Short Fiction is a journal that is affiliated with a lot of things. The Michener Center, I think, and other things. I might be wrong. They charge two dollars to submit stories online which is strange. There is also a short short contest they are having now until maybe May I think. Anyway, it is maybe strange to post about this journal because maybe everyone knows about it / doesn't care. But I like this issue and maybe will buy other issues.

Mike Young, this was on the American Short Fiction blog. It says being funny in the NEA application is okay. That is probably good.