I feel like I have "apologized" "excessively" for not sending/sending late copies of THIS FEELS LIKE NORMAL to people who asked for it. I am still "sorry" that some people have not received copies. Mostly these were international orders, I think. Also maybe some people who just recently asked for it. I have a list of everyone who asked for it and still feel like "Yes, this list will be completed some day" but also "I don't know when I am ever going to do this."

I feel like lots of people got copies of this chapbook and people seemed to like it. "Good." I feel good about that. More people ordered it than I expected, and also I didn't do a good job preparing everything ahead of time. I should have done a better job of that, but still I think 70-80+ copies were sent. Also I think ~20 copies sent to Seattle were lost in the mail. Does a postal worker somewhere have ~20 copies of THIS FEELS LIKE NORMAL? Good, that would be fine; that would be better than if they are just sitting in a box lost in a warehouse or something. I hope someone stole the box and was "thoroughly disappointed" that it was poetry.

The bearcreekfeed "press" website will be updated soon I think. I will probably list THIS FEELS LIKE NORMAL as "out of stock" instead of "free to anyone" but maybe not. I anticipate new chapbooks forthcoming. BCF Press will maybe publish 1-2 this summer. If so, they will be "limited editions" and cost 3-6 dollars. I feel that they will be of "superior quality" in terms of materials and binding, etc.

This turned into an update about "BCF Press" which is something I don't think I totally realized "existed." I will type more about this at some point. Sooner than new chapbooks will be new ebooks at POETRY SERIES. Forthcoming poets include Prathna Lor, Jillian Clark, and Kendra Grant Malone.