Matthew Savoca rewrote all of the poems in When People Talk To Me I Want To Close My Eyes. The poems are now an ebook called When People Look At Me I Want To Close My Mouth. Matthew did a really good job; I think he improved the poems.

"Something special" is an accurate thing to say, I think.

If you have read the original poems I think you will like these. If you have not read the original poems read these and that will be like you read the originals.

Matthew Savoca and I are obviously involved in a secret plan to read each other's work and like it and talk about it and make blog posts about it to the blatant exclusion of other people who do not care about us and who think we are silly like kids in kindergarten. This sort of mutually-delusional behavior will continue. We will make probably more things together until eventually maybe we are the only people who read the things we make and everyone else has forgotten who we are. This is maybe an agreeable future and Matthew Savoca's When People Look At Me I Want To Close My Mouth is I think a part of this.