varying levels of anxiety depression & humor


I read your book this morning. I liked it a lot. It made me feel good. There was this great balance between the heartfelt images and the surreal and funny ones. Maybe that sounds odd. It had a "cooling" affect on me. Very fresh, modern, and well done.
-Shane Jones

I like it ... I like this "style" of poem. With the line breaks like that and everything. "You know what I mean."
-Tao Lin

I liked reading your poetry book. I feel like you express a unique feeling in your book. I mean that I feel like I haven't read something that made me feel this way before, and I liked it. I felt varying levels of anxiety and depression and humor while reading it, but they were all of a "unique slant" or something. I don't know. It is a calm, good book. I like the book.
-Brandon Scott Gorrell


an ebook by PRATHNA LOR

with artwork by JEFFREY HEART

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